2018 EE0000071A: Microprocessors Experimental Course – Demos

In this project-based course, students used Raspberry Pi to implement a final project with IoT. The final project included hardware design and software (Python) programming that they learned throughout the course. The final project included a presentation and demonstration of their work to the class.

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Ilan University Microprocessor internship course, student experience video.

The following videos are the student-made demonstration videos for this course’s final project.

1. Security Surveillance Cameras using IoT

2. Voice-Controlled Robot Using Arduino (Bluetooth and Smartphone)

3. An Automatic Mobile Vehicle with Instant Image Transmission

4. An Automatic Mobile Vehicle with Instant Image Transmission

5. Hexapod Robot

6. Solar Tracker

7. IoT-Monitored Aquarium

8. IoT-Monitored Deposit Box

9. IoT-Monitored Farm

10. IoT-Monitored Motion Picture Recognition

11. Face Recognition and Positioning Application

12. Digital Photo Frame

13. Home Security

14. Smart Home Appliance Control Application

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