2019 EE0000070A: Microprocessors Course – Demos

In this project-based course, students used Microchip 16F877A to implement a final project. The final project included hardware and software design that they learned throughout the course. The final project included a presentation and demonstration of their work to a panel of judges and the class. The judges included Chia-Min Chan from Synology, Prof. Katherine Kim from National Taiwan University, and Prof. Yu-Chen Liu.

The following videos are the student-made demonstration videos for this course’s final project.

1. Alarm clock with countdown function

2.Booming Number  (Honorary Mention)

3.Musical Digital Photo Frame

4.Battery test system  (Third Place )

5.Electronics safe deposit (box)   (Honorary Mention)

6.Intelligent Alarm Clock

7.Intelligent Safety Fan

8.Mini Basketball Shooting Machine  (Honorary Mention)

9.Perfect-Ratio Milk Tea Dispensing Machine (Second Place (Runner-up) )

10.Automatics feed feeder

11.A Stopwatch with Memory Functionality

12.Automatic Door with Music Playback

13.Avoid The Block Game

14.Digital Game Console with LCD Interface

15.Floor Sweeping Robot (First Place (Champion) )

16.Intelligent Overhead Garage Door

17.Traffic Light

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