Lab Introduction

Energy Conversion & Intelligent Electronics Lab

Welcome to the Energy Conversion and Intelligent Electronic Laboratory, or the ECIE Lab. The ECIE Lab is located at National ILan University, ILan, Taiwan, led by Prof. Yu-Chen Liu. We mainly conduct research in power electronics and aim to stimulate students’ interest in engineering. The purpose of the laboratory is to improve humanity and the environment through green technology. The research of the ECIE Lab is focused on power conversion, digital power supply design, high-frequency magnetic design, high power density, and high-efficiency power converters for the various industrial applications, such as consumer electronics, renewable energy, e-bikes, etc. This lab also has research collaboration with the EE502 lab at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the PEARS lab at National Taiwan University.

Research Topics

  1. Bidirectional power converters for high-efficiency residential energy storage systems
  2. High-frequency resonant and soft-switching PWM converters
  3. Magnetic component design for high-power-density converter applications
  4. High-performance PV inverters
  5. Wide-bandgap power devices and applications
  6. Wireless power transfer (WPT) applications

Contact Us

Department of Electrical Engineering, National ILan University

Address: Ge Zhi Building, No.1, Sec. 1, Shennong Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260, Taiwan (R.O.C.)