One Series, One Characteristic – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

One Series, One Characteristic – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

E-Bike Sharing in Yilan

We won third place!!!!!!

Prof. Yu-Chen Liu from National Ilan University led the ECIE team, included Run-Cheng Shih, Jing Lai, Yi-Wen Cheng, who are undergraduate students, to participated the “One Series, One Characteristic – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” hosted by National Ilan University. The competition focused on the design of transcending micro-businesses and assisting in urban and rural areas to create business.

The theme of our team in this competition was “Bike Sharing in Yilan”, which was based on ECIE Lab’s E-bike motor driver which got the third place award in the “International Future Energy Challenge” (IFEC). The starting point of this theme was to achieve a seamless transport system promoted by the Yilan County Government, so we developed a project for Yilan, which was the sharing of electric bikes that use the high-performance and high-power density motor driver. It would be not only fast and convenient for tourists, but also bring a new look to Yilan. This plan has not yet been implemented, but its locations, target groups and predicted income have been given much consideration.

The competition was divided into two phases: written planning and project report. The 14 teams from 11 majors entered the preliminary round through the first stage of the written screening and conducted the final stage project report. After a fierce competition, the ECIE team won third place in the competition, which let the ECIE team to promote its innovation and gain experience in entrepreneurship.

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