2018 Ministry of Science and Technology Moon-Shot Research Project (Co-PI)

Topic —Development and Application of High Speed Fully Integrated GaN based Power driver IC

Sub-Project – Study and Develop High Power Density Converters and Inverters using Wide Bandgap  Devices.

Abstract—This sub-project aims to study and develop high power density converters and inverters using wide bandgap devices by our research team at high switching frequencies. The fast switching property of Wide Band-Gap (WBG) power semiconductor devices can reduce the losses and improve conversion efficiency, therefore, increasing the total power density. There are three primary methods to increase power density. First, analyze each topology’s pros and cons using simulation and calculation. Second, use WBG devices to increase switching frequency and decrease the size of magnetic components. Third, evaluate and integrate the magnetic design to reduce size while improving performance. In the first year, we will focus on the study and realization of an isolated DC/DC resonant converter at 750 kW and 1 MHz to optimize the design of plate transformers under high-frequency operation and meet the high-efficiency requirements. In the second year, we will focus on the study and realization of a 1-kW high power density solar inverter with WBG devices by selecting the appropriate topologies and control strategies to reduce the input ripple and also meet high power density specifications.

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