Meng-Chi Tsai

Meng-Chi Tsai is a senior at National Ilan University and his major is Electrical Engineering.

He researches the LLC converter and flyback converter. 


DELTA ELECTRONICS  – Magnetic Element Design Engineer



Bo-Ruri Ciou

Bo-Ruri Ciou is a senior at National Ilan University and his major is electrical engineering.

 He still learning about power electronics.


Texas Instruments – Field Application Engineer




Yu-Chen Zhong

Yu-Cheng Zhong is an undergraduate student at National Ilan University, majoring in electrical engineering. He’s a very passionate person and patient as well.

He can take difficult jobs and deal with them carefully. He has joined the lab of ECIE since 2018.  In the lab, he learned a lot of skills and knowledges.  He likes popular music and riding bikes.

Recently, he joined IFEC which is an international competition. He’s training really hard and benefited a lot from it.


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology – PhD student


Yen-An Chen

Yen-An Chen is an undergraduate student at National Ilan University and joined the ECIE Lab in 2020.

He majors in Electrical Engineering and still learns about power electronics.





Yi-Wen Cheng

Yi-Wen Cheng is a junior at National Ilan University.

Her double majors are Applied Economics and Management and Electrical Engineering.

She takes responsibility for making Business Model for the Green Tech international innovation competition of the ECIE team, and she learns a lot of skills and knowledge about electronics.





Hsieh An

Hsieh An is a sophomore at National Ilan University His major is Electrical Engineering.

He is interested in electronics design.






Yi-Chun Peng

Yi-Chun Peng is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering at National Ilan University.

Despite his studying major, he is interested in software design.