Category: Publications

IEEE Conference: WiPDA Asia 2019

Yu-Chen Liu, Yong-Long Syu, Kai-De Chen, Chen Chen, Katherine A. Kim, Huang-Jen Chiu, “High Switching Frequency TCM Control for Bidirectional Interleaved Buck Converter Without Phase Error for Battery Charging,” in Proc. IEEE Wide Bandgap Power...


Yu-Chen Liu, Chen Chen, Kai-De Chen, Yong-Long Syu and Meng-Chi Tsai, “High-Frequency LLC Resonant Converter with GaN Devices and Integrated Magnetics,” Energies,  April. 2019. (Energies Link)

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Yu-Chen Liu, Kai-De Chen, Chen Chen, Yong-Long Syu, Guan-Wei Lin, Katherine A. Kim and Huang-Jen Chiu, “Quarter-Turn Transformer Design and Optimization for High Power Density 1-MHz LLC Resonant Converter,” IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. [Early Access]...