IEEE IFEC 2020 Competition – Second Prize – Outstanding Performance Award 🥈

IEEE IFEC 2020 Denmark
IEEE International Future Energy Challenge 2020


Shooting For The Moon: High-Performance Nano Satellite Power System

We won  Second Place and the Outstanding Performance Award!!!!!!

The ECIE team from National Ilan university participated in the International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) 2020 and won second place. The IFEC competition has been held since 2001. The first competition was limited to well-known universities in North America. Due to the overwhelming response, starting from the second competition in 2003, the scope of participation has expanded to universities around the world. In the past, the focus of the competition was the design of power electronic converters. This year’s competition was held at the Aalborg University in Denmark. Nano Satellite Power Converter was the theme of the competition, combining power electronics technology and system integration design, which was more challenging than in previous years

Due to the pandemic this year, this competition took a full year and a half to complete. In the beginning, the organizers selected 17 teams from 26 teams from all over the world. In March, we had prepared all the tickets and plans to take the students to the United States to participate in the competition. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, all the original meetings were canceled and changed to online. With the spread of the pandemic, the organizers had to adjust the format of the competition, which was also a new challenge for us, but it connected the entire global community more closely through the Internet. Then, in the second round of the competition, 10 teams were selected based on online reports and videos that display their designs and progress. Finally, 4 teams were selected to enter the finals, and each team’s prototype was sent to Denmark for comprehensive testing by the organizer to measure the final performance evaluation results.

Student demo video:

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