Yushan Mountain Activities ⛰️

The ECIE Lab reached the top of Yushan Mountain in Taiwan.

Thanks to Yang Zheng Yan for taking the ECIE team through this 18-hour single-day trek to Yushan Mountain. We love mountain climbing because the scenery of the mountain lets us open our minds and be away from the world’s noise and the fast pace of work. In the process of climbing, if you are tired, you stop. After a break, you continue to move forward. Even if your pace is slow, you will always reach the end as long as you persist. Prof. Yu-Chen Liu also wanted to teach the students in the laboratory that climbing is like the process of life. When we really want to do something meaningful, we need to stick with it to the end. Sometimes there are dark clouds and heavy rain on the journey, but there will be sunny days too. In the last month of 2020, we climbed to the highest point in Taiwan. We hope that everyone can reflect on this turbulent 2020. We also hope that the laboratory students will have a promising future, and we will continue to work hard together. We are ECIE from Taiwan!