2020 Student Project Demonstration Competition Organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology – First Prize🥇

Power Electronics Conference 2020, Taiwan
Student Project  Demonstration Competition Organized by Ministry of Science and Technology Department 2020


Nano Satellite Solar Power System with MPPT using Wide Bandgap Devices

We won  First place !!!!!!

This topic uses wide-bandgap components to achieve a solar nano-satellite electronic control system with maximum power tracking. This architecture has two input terminals and three output terminals. Two solar panels are connected to four buck converters. Three output terminals (one 5 V output, one 3.3 V output, one battery terminal). The system has three modes, namely, one, purely using solar power; two, using solar power while tracking MPPT and the battery can charge and discharge; third, purely using battery power. In the design, Q3D software was used to simulate the parasitic parameters of the components. The double pulse test was used to confirm the switch characteristics of the switch. Passive components in the design circuit are simulated by Maxwell software to improve the system’s conversion efficiency. We used the DSP to control the circuit sequence, realize the circuit protection, and finally realize the basic function of three operation modes. The inputs are the two solar panels, and the three outputs are 5 V, 3.3 V, and a battery. The peak efficiency was 95.49% and the power density was 0.65 W/ cm3.

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