2020 Undergraduate

Yao-ting Xie

Yao-Ting Xie is a sophomore at National Ilan university and majors in Electrical Engineering.

He is learning new skills and increasing manipulative experience in ECIE Lab.




Tuo-Chen Lin 

Tou-Chen Lin is an undergraduate student at National Ilan University, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

He is learning power electronics in the ECIE Lab and always willing to learn.




Yi-xuan Yang

Yi-xuan Yang  joined the ECIE Lab in 2020.

He majors in Electrical Engineering at National Ilan University and enjoys learning anything new.





Yu-Chun Lee

Yu-Chun Lee can take challenging jobs and deal with them carefully。

He learned many skills from ECIE Lab since 2020.

He also likes working out and play basketball.




Tzu-Yun Chen

Tzu-Yun Chen is a junior at  National Ilan University, and majors in Electrical Engineering.

She joined the ECIE lab in 2020.

She has passions of power electronics and she is still learning about it.



Pei-Chien Lin

Pei-Chien(Olivia) Lin is a sophomore at National Ilan University and her major is Electrical Engineering.

She is still learning about power electronics.