Gave Tutorial at ICPE 2019 – ECCE Asia in Busan, Korea

Topic: High Frequency Power Converter Design: Magnetics, Gate Driver, Control, and EMI

Speakers: Jeehoon Jung (UNIST, Korea), Yu-Chen Liu (National Ilan University, Taiwan), Ching-Jan Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan),and Katherine A. Kim (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Lecture Summary: As industry demands dc-dc power supplies with smaller packages and higher power density, higher switching frequency designs are one of the main paths for improvement. Wide-band gap switches are utilized for faster switching speeds, but due to the fast switching speed, the driver must be designed carefully to reduce parasitics. Additionally, resonant converters have advantages such as soft switching, but the magnetics must be optimized for high frequency designs. Also, control at high frequencies is a challenge due to limited microprocessor speeds, so high bandwidth controllers can be utilized to overcome this problem but there are still challenges in implementation. Lastly, a spread spectrum technique can be used in the controller to reduce EMI through control and further reduce filter size in very high-frequency converters. This seminar will cover high-frequency converter design and magnetics in the first part, high-speed gate driving design in the second part, and high-bandwidth controller design and the spread spectrum technique in the third part. The presentation will introduce each of these main concepts and give concrete examples and experimental results.






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