2019 EE0000071A: Microprocessors Experimental Course – Demos

In this project-based course, students used Ardiuno to implement a final project. The final project included hardware and software design that they learned throughout the course. The final project included a presentation and demonstration of their work to a panel of judges and the class. The judges included Chia-Min Chan from Synology, Prof. Katherine Kim from National Taiwan University, and Prof. Yu-Chen Liu.

The following videos are the student-made demonstration videos for this course’s final project.

1. Designing an Arduino-Based Digitally-Controlled LED Light Cube

2. Baggage Sorting Mechanical Vehicle

3. Calculator Using Traditional Chinese Characters 

4. The marble maze game with 6 DOF Stewart platform (Honorary Mention)

5. Designing an Arduino Based Hexapod Robotic Tank

6. Musical Digital Photo Frame

7. Hexapod Robot Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System

8. Renewable Energy Grid System (First Place (Champion) )

9.  Designing an Arduino-Based Digitally-Controlled Buck Converter

10.  Auto Aim Shooting Robot Using Ultrasonic Sensors (Second Place (Runner-up) )

11.  Automatic Timekeeping Writing Machine (Honorary Mention)

12. Designing an Arduino Based Hexapod Mechanical Bionic Hand

13.  Automatic Box Sorting Robot  (Third Place )


14. Wildlife surveillance photography system (Honorary Mention)

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