Motor Energy Conservation Application Competition

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Motor Drive for an Electric Bicycle
Motor energy conservation product application


We won first place!!!!!!

In this competitiion, we proposed the idea using the wide bandgap devices (GaN) to implement a high performance, high power density 500-W digitally controlled motor driver.

There were 50 student groups that participated in the competition, and only eight teams were selected for the finals. The ECIE team was awarded the grand prize based on their new innovation and practical ideas.


Preliminary Specifications:

  • Input: 48 V dc nominal from a specified 10 Ah battery pack.
  • Output: 3-phase BLDC motor drive; Vout: 36 V; Pout: 500 W.
  • Power Density: 6.8 W/cm3 with fan.
  • The peak efficiency was 96%.

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